What Are Some Calm Dog Breeds?


Not every family can raise a high energy dog. While they are lovable and great for pet owners who love the great outdoors, some dog lovers would prefer a chiller, calmer dog to join their family. That’s not even to mention that many potential dog parents live in apartments and rented homes where space is limited and noise ordinances are in place.

Luckily, not every dog is hyperactive. There are many dogs that are known for being calm and perfect for anyone looking for a dog to match their chill vibe.

What Are Some Calm Dog Breeds?

There are more calm dog breeds than many dog owners would believe. There are even some dogs who are calm despite having a reputation or appearance that would suggest otherwise. Here are some of our picks for the calmest dog breeds out there.

Newfoundland: These giant dogs are often recruited to be nannies for small children, and it’s not hard to see why! This breed is known for being deeply empathetic for children, an their good nature can be depended on to not only guard and protect your children, but also be calm inside the home.

English Cocker Spaniel: while this dog breed is known for their sporty nature, they are actually very easy to train and perfect for a pet owner who loves to cuddle.

Bulldog: Despite their scary name, bulldogs are actually great companion dogs. Neither athletic or hyperactive, this breed is perfect lapdog material, even if they are just a little too big to belong there.

Whippet: These are the perfect family dog, as they are often hard pressed to meet a person they wouldn’t like. While these dogs are known for their love of running, they are not major barkers, which makes them perfect for living near neighbors.

Corgi: These tiny dogs are some of the most popular dogs out there, and for good reason. Both the Cardigan Welsh Corgi and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi are at their happiest when they are spending time with other people. Playful but not energetic, these dogs are great for an apartment dweller who wants a fun companion.

Gold Retrievers: These big dogs are well-known for being friendly family dogs, which is why they are always ranks in the top 10 most popular dog breeds. They are easy-going, lovable, and playful while still being gentle with children.

Saint Bernard: Another famously large dog breed, Saint Bernards are often used in rescue situations for their unflinching calmness. While this means that you can depend on a Saint Bernard to be calm in your day to day life, they still need to be well-trained and well-socialized in order to get those in-door pet benefits.

Pug: One of the most recognizable dogs in the world, pugs are great for anyone looking for a calm dog with a lot of personality. This breed is known for seeking out fun, but they are still easy-going and can be depended on to spend a day inside cuddling.

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