When Do Puppies Lose Their Baby Teeth


There’s a lot to think about when you're raising a puppy. From potty training to walking and feeding, there’s plenty to keep you busy for the first few months. Hint: here’s how to prevent accidents when potty training.  

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You may not have given their teeth a lot of thought. But it’s important to know the phases your puppy’s teeth go through while they’re growing up. Here’s what you need to know about your puppy’s teeth. 

Are puppies born with teeth?

Dogs are born without teeth, but quickly develop 28 baby teeth starting around two weeks old. Typically, baby teeth are completely grown once your puppy reaches ten weeks old. Incisors usually come first, followed by canine teeth and premolars. 

These baby teeth are sometimes referred to as “milk teeth” or “needle teeth.” They are replaced by permanent adult teeth a few months later.  

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When do puppies lose their baby teeth?

Baby teeth typically start to fall out when your puppy reaches four months old to make room for adult teeth. The teething process can be very uncomfortable for your puppy, and you may notice them whimpering and chewing on everything within reach.  

Is teething painful for puppies?

Teething is an uncomfortable process for puppies. As their baby teeth fall out, they are likely going to experience some pain. You can provide your puppy with soft, flexible chew toys to soothe sore gums. Rubber toys that you can put in the freezer are a great option for some pain relief. 

When do puppies get their adult teeth?

Luckily, the teething process will only last a few months. Permanent teeth start to erupt once baby teeth start falling out. By around eight months old, your puppies should have all 42 of their permanent adult teeth. Here’s how to clean your dog’s teeth at home.  

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