How Day Care Can Improve Your Dog's Behaviour


It can be challenging to leave the family pet behind for hours due to a busy life. Doing so can harm your dog's upbringing, causing them to destroy house furniture and annoying neighbours with constant barks. However, if your dog is looked after, they will feel more at ease, have someone to play with and receive all their food and toilet needs. Doggy day care has surfaced as an increasingly popular choice for owners due to various benefits, including helping to tame their behaviour and making them a more friendly and playful animal.

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Faye's Doggy Boutique is one of the largest providers of doggy day care in Liverpool. They pride themselves on offering a bright and spacious place for dogs to roam at their leisure and make lifelong friends while their parents are away. Faye's Doggy Boutique has seen firsthand the advantages that day care can have on a dog's development, so they have provided us with some insight into how it can improve your beloved pet's behaviour.

How Dog Day Care Affects Behaviour

Day care can significantly impact a dog's mental well-being and behaviour. Dogs that cannot stand hours of loneliness are more likely to exhibit destructive behaviours like wrecking house items and urinating inside, which is why keeping them occupied with other canines and humans is an excellent benefit.

Like us humans, dogs need to burn off energy to lose weight, keep healthy and boost their mood. Another crucial advantage of day care is that it provides them with exercise and physical activity opportunities. There are no cages or limited spaces, so the pups have the freedom to run around at their leisure. After running themselves out of energy, your dog will be more peaceful in the evening, making life more relaxing for you after a tiring day. An obstacle to a busy life is finding the time to take your dog on regular walks, so you can rest assured that day cay will ensure they receive enough exercise!

Dogs are social animals, so exposing them to other dogs is vital as early as possible. Day care will improve your pet's socialisation skills with other canines and people, helping them feel comfortable with different situations. The dog will learn to play and behave in a friendly way while building a friendship group. Dogs kept away from others are more likely to become anti-social and reactive.

Separation anxiety can, unfortunately, become a problem in dogs. Leaving your dog behind can cause them to develop separation anxiety due to the fear of being away from you being too much to handle. Symptoms can include behaviours like chewing and howling. Day care can be an excellent distraction, helping the animal cope with your short-term absence. They will then have something to look forward to when it's next time for you to leave them behind.

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Is Day Care Right for Your Dog?

While the benefits listed above sound perfect, it's essential to understand that doggy day care might not suit every scenario. Dogs, like us humans, have unique personalities, and some may not react positively to this experience. Before you invest time and money in a day care centre, consider whether it is suitable for all parties. The most vital factor to consider is your dog's temperament. If they don't get on well with other dogs, day care may be a non-starter. If your dog is too, the experience may be helpful but only by easing them in. Typically, day care is best for puppies and high-energy dogs, but not aggressive or reactive dogs.

If you are unsure how your dog will do in day care, the best step is to book a taster session. Many local centres will offer this option, allowing you and your dog to visit for a short period to gauge whether it's the right decision. If the first trip is positive, you can look to gradually increase the time that your dog spends there.

Day care businesses will be aware of how to cater to different dogs, so you will want to find one that offers a personal service. They should ease dogs in and organise groups based on personality matches. With frequent supervision, there is likely to be any serious issues of dogs not getting on with one another. Your dog will likely see the same group of friends with each visit.

If day care isn't a good fit for your pooch, don't fret, as other options are available. You can hire a dog sitter who will come and mind your pet in the comfort of your home. Therefore, your dog won't have to meet other canines or feel out of their comfort level by going to a brand new environment. As soon as they have adjusted, you can leave the dog to be cared for while you attend to day-to-day duties such as work.

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