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A pet door is one of the best ways to improve your dog’s life, but finding one that’s great for you and your pet can be difficult, especially if you don’t live in a moderate climate. Insulated pet doors can easily cost hundreds of dollars while affordable pet doors let in the cold and heat, which can increase your electricity bill.

That’s why the Dragon Pet Door is perfect for a pet owner on a budget. Not only is its energy-efficient flap designed to keep your cooling and heating bills low, but it’s available for a low price.

Designed with the average pet owner in mind, the Dragon Pet Door is one of the most versatile pet doors on the market. With its variety of installation options and adaptability, it’s perfect for nearly every dog and cat.

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Two-Piece Flap Design

When you think of pet doors, you might be thinking of a square of flexible plastic hanging in a square hole in the wall. However, single flap designs lack insulation value. They let in cold air during frigid winters and let out the AC during hot summers. Plus, if you buy an uninsulated pet door, it can be nearly impossible to improve your door’s energy efficiency rating.

The Dragon Pet Door’s innovative two-piece design is the answer to that problem. The U-shape gasket creates a seal around the edges of the flap to prevent outside air from getting in. Plus, it’s lined with magnets that keep it shut against high winds. From right to left, the diagram below shows the U-Shaped Gasket and Main Inner Flap that make up the Dragon Flap Assembly

dragon two piece flap design

Translucent & Flexible Flap

The Dragon Pet Door is designed to be safe and comfortable for your pets to use. This is why we made the flap translucent and flexible. This way, your dogs and cats will experience less anxiety and be more willing to use their pet doors every day. Check out our pet door measurement guide to learn how to choose the right flap size for your pet. 

Every Dragon pet flap is available as both a single flap and double flap. The single flap is perfect for moderate climates or indoor installations, while the double flap system creates an air buffer that provides increased energy efficiency value. And if you decide on getting the single flap but change your mind later, every Dragon pet door can easily be converted into a double flap with a few additional parts and easy steps.

single vs double flap dragon door

Plus, our flaps are protected by UV-blocking additives that prevent against warping and sun damage. But none of that matters if your pet door isn’t safe to use. Our flexible pet door flaps won’t catch or pinch your pet’s skin as they’re using it. Their comfort and safety are our priority.

Large Selection of Installation Options

dragon pet door installation options

The Dragon Pet Door comes in a large variety of installation styles to fit every need. Need to install into a wall? The Dragon Pet Door for Walls has a strong ABS plastic tunnel that installs right into your wall while preventing water damage.

Need a door insert for a sliding glass door? We have both vinyl and aluminum options to match your door frame and prevent condensation. We even have window inserts for both horizontal opening and sash windows to work for every cat household.

Dragon Doors can be installed in plenty of unique places. No matter what your situation is, there is a Dragon Pet Door that will fit it perfectly. If you have any questions about what pet door will work best for you, you can always contact our customer service team for advice and recommendations.

Made in the USA

Dragon Pet Doors are 100% Designed, Engineered, and Manufactured in the USA. They are handmade in San Luis Obispo, California.

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