Why Do Dogs Turn In Circles Before Lying Down

dog laying down

Why do dogs circle before lying down? It dates back to habits ingrained in them by their wild ancestors who would circle round to flatten grass and dirt before sleeping.

We’ve all seen it: before settling in for the night our dog turns a couple of circles until they find just the right spot. They may go in different directions, scratch the blankets a bit, and let out a long sigh before plopping down. Why do dogs do this?

This behavior is rooted in your dog’s ancestry. Dogs have an instinctual need to create a little nest in the ground before laying down. Your dog’s ancestors had to make do with first and grass for a bed. Turning in circles helped clear and flatten some of the grass. Diggin in the first helped create a small nest in the ground.

Although this behavior isn’t necessary for household dogs, it is a subconscious habit that many still do. Circling around creates a cozy nest in your blanket where your dog can curl up for a good night’s sleep.

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