Is It Shallow To Adopt A Dog Based On Breed and Appearance?


Picture this: you are at the shelter, trying to find a dog for you and your family to adopt. You meet a dog that immediately takes to you. They are friendly and more than happy to beg for all the pets in the world. But this dog doesn’t match the breed you had your heart set on. Would it be shallow to leave this dog behind and wait for one that does fit your dog’s breed?

In our opinion: no. In fact, we encourage you to find a dog from the breed you want.

When picking out a dog, it’s important to research what breed you want. Breed is more than just appearances. A dog’s breed is also an indicator of your dog’s temperament.

For example, while a husky will be a loveable dog, their temperament makes them extremely noisy which may mean they aren’t fit for apartment living. Shih Tzus are smaller, quieter pets that would be great for apartments but bad for anyone looking for a dog to live an active lifestyle with.

This is why mutts can often be seen as undesirable. Despite being as loving and having better health than purebreds, their temperaments are unpredictable. This can be a problem for pet owners who have specific needs that need to be met.

Keep your dog’s ideal breed in mind is a part of being a responsible future dog owner.

But that also doesn’t mean picking a dog you fall in love with at the shelter makes you a bad dog owner. After all, it’s important that you love and care for your dog as well.

Whatever you pick, just make sure you are aware of the best ways to care for your dog and show them the love they deserve.

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