How Do Cats Communicate with Each Other?


Cats communicate differently with other cats than they do with humans. Here are some of the common ways that cats communicate with each other:

Grooming: This indicates that the cats feel they are a part of the same tribe, whether or not they were littermates. Grooming is a sure-fire way to tell your cats are getting along. 

Rolling Over: Cats who are comfortable with each other will often roll over in each other’s presence or during play. This indicates that they do not feel threatened in the presence of the other cat. 

Vocalization: A meow or a trill is a common way cats will communicate with each other. This may turn to a hiss or a growl when the cat is feeling like they need their space. 

Slow Blinking: This is one that cats do with people too. When cats slowly blink at each other it is a sign that they are feeling affectionate and safe. 

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