Why Does My Cat Walk All Over My Keyboard?


If you work from home and own a cat, you have probably experienced the ordeal of trying to keep your cat from walking all over your keyboard. Whether you’re trying to do your work or sit through your meeting, having your feline friend walk all over your computer is extremely disruptive.

cat on the other side of a pet door

Why do cats do this? Is it because they hate you and want to be annoying?

Nope! Actually, cats will walk all over your keyboard because they love you.

Cats often view their owners as members of their packs. Being social animals, they will observe your movements and realize that you clicking the keys on the keyboard is a very important task. Your cat may then decide that they need to help you with this very important task. If your cat choses to lay across your computer, they could even be supervising your work.

The things your cat does may seem annoying to you, but it’s often a sign that they love and care for you.

If you want to keep your cat from disrupting your work any further, then you can get them their own dummy keyboard to use. This can be a piece of cardboard decorated to resemble your keyboard or an old keyboard you do not use anymore. Lay it out on your desk and watch as your cat decides to help by walking over the dummy keyboard.

You can use this technique for any activity your cat decides they need to supervise, from the yarn you use for knitting to the matt you use for your morning yoga. Cats love to help, even if they can be a little disruptive in the process.

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