Pros and Cons of a Lion Cut for Cats


You may have seen a cat with a lion cut at some point in your life. This rather silly haircut is when a cat is fully shaved everywhere except for its face, feet, and the tip of its tail. 

It’s important to consider the pros and cons if you are thinking of taking your cat to the groomer for a lion cut. 

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Benefits of a Lion Cut for Cats

In some cases, a lion cut can be a practical and beneficial haircut for cats.

Removes Matted Fur: A lion cut can be quite beneficial if your cat has developed difficult-to-remove mats in thief ur. This is the case for longer-haired cat breeds that are susceptible to this issue.   

Helps Reduce Hairballs: Finding lots of coughed-up hairballs around your home? While a certain amount of hairballs are normal, if you notice they are very frequent it may be a result of overgrooming. 

Check with your veterinarian if they have any solutions for this issue and if they think a lion cut might help your cat. 

More Manageable for Older Cats: As cats grow older, it can become trickier for them to groom as their flexibility subsides. A lion cut can make their grooming routine a little more amicable.

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Problems with Lion Cuts for Cats

There are a few cons of lion cuts for cats that are important to consider before heading to the groomer.   

Sunburn Risk: If you have an outdoor cat, a lion cut probably isn't the best option for them. This haircut leaves their skin exposed to the harsh rays leaving them susceptible to sunburn 

Less Weather Protection: Cats have a thick coat to help them thermoregulate in the heat and cold. Without this coat, they can easily become too cold or too hot. 

The lack of fur also leaves outdoor cats at risk of being scratched by branches and thorns they walk past.  

Additionally, some cats simply might not like the feeling of having their coat trimmed away. It leaves their skin exposed to all sorts of new sensations that may be very scary and uncomfortable for them. 

Ultimately, you’ll need to consider the pros and cons of a lion cut to determine if it’s the right choice for your cat. You can always talk to your veterinarian beforehand to get their take on the situation. 

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