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Elizabeth Muenzen

A high-quality pet door that won’t break the bank is hard to come by. That’s why our team of expert pet door engineers set out to make the Dragon Pet Door, a low-cost yet energy-efficient door designed for pets of all sizes.

It’s no secret that pet doors are a huge help for pet owners tired of playing doorman to their dog or cat. Pet doors allow the peace of mind that your pet can do their business on their own terms, freeing up your time and giving them the independence to come and go as they please.

Dragon Pet Doors allow every pet owner the luxury of this freedom without the anxiety of a high-cost investment. Check out what makes the Dragon Pet Door so great below:

Dog using a door insert installed into a sliding glass door

Low-Cost Pet Door:

Dragon pet doors are competitively priced so that anyone can enjoy the benefits of a quality pet door without spending a fortune. Check out this Dragon Pet Doors Coupon Code for more savings.

The materials are simplified to allow for a lightweight, low-cost pet door, yet the unique design maintains the insulation value. An insulating pet door doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg. The Dragon is the best cold weather pet door for those shopping on a budget, allowing you the best of both worlds.

It’s important to keep in mind that the best insulated pet door for your home will depend on the climate you live in. For mild climates, the Dragon is the perfect inexpensive dog door that will keep weather out. However, the flap may prove to be a little too light for very harsh climates. We’re always here to help if you’re unsure if the Dragon will be right for you.

Energy Efficient Design:

Unlike most other cheap pet doors out there, the Dragon flap was designed with energy efficiency and weather resistance in mind.

Dragon pet doors all have the same two-piece flap design—a large inner flap surrounded by a U-shaped gasket piece. This gasket piece allows for complete coverage of the pet door opening to keep harsh weather out of your home. The complete seal ensures that heat and cold won’t seep into your home through the flap, keeping your energy bill down year-round.

UV Resistance:

Every part of the Dragon pet door, from the flexible flap to the tough plastic frame, contains UV-blocking additives that protect the door from sunlight damage. These additives prevent the pet door from warping or cracking in the sun, meaning you don’t need to spend a fortune on replacement parts.

Additionally, sturdy ABS plastic tunnel sections frame out the interior of the Dragon Wall Mount, so you don’t have to worry about water damaging the interior of your wall. Every Dragon Pet Door comes with a tough thermoplastic locking cover to completely block access to the flap when needed.

two dogs playing in front of a pet door panel insert for sliding glass doors

Installation Variety:

Dragon Pet Doors are available in a variety of installation options such as the classic Door and Wall Mount, as well as options for other installation locations including sash windows, horizontal windows, and sliding doors.

If you have an irregular height sliding door, check out the custom single-flap aluminum sliding door panel. For a more insulating option, see the custom double-flap aluminum sliding door panel.

Every Dragon Pet Door style uses the same insulating, two-piece Dragon flap with UV-blocking additives throughout for sun protection. All installation options are available in a single or double flap design, depending on your insulation needs.

Since the flap installs on the outside for all Dragon models, you can easily start with a single flap and upgrade to a double flap at any time if you need a little more weather protection. Plus, the flap is nice and light, so it’s perfect for bigger and smaller pets since it is lightweight enough for them to push through.

We hope this helped explain what makes the Dragon the best cheap dog door option for you and your pet! If you’re unsure whether the Dragon is right for you, feel free to reach out to customer service anytime.

Elizabeth Muenzen

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Elizabeth Muenzen

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Pets: My dog Benji is mixed Yorkie, Poodle, Chihuahua, and MaltiPom (YorkiPooChiMaltiPom?), yet he mysteriously bears no resemblance to any of these breeds.
Fun stuff: I love to cook!

Content Specialist

Pets: My dog Benji is mixed Yorkie, Poodle, Chihuahua, and MaltiPom (YorkiPooChiMaltiPom?), yet he mysteriously bears no resemblance to any of these breeds.
Fun stuff: I love to cook!

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