What Do You Know About the World’s Oldest Dog?


We all want our dogs to live long and healthy lives, which is why we have to pay special attention to their health. Are we feeding them the right kind of food? Is there something in our garden that is toxic to them? What’s the best way to take care of them when they get older?

With all these worries, you might be curious about who was the oldest dog that ever lived?

bluey the world's oldest dog

Meet the Oldest Dog To Have Ever Lived?

According to the Guinness World Records, the oldest dog to have ever lived was an Australian cattle dog named Bluey. Blue was born on June 7, 1910 and was adopted that year by Les Hall.

Hall owned a ranch in Rochester, which is located in Victoria, Australia. There Bluey worked as a herding dog for cattle and sheep. She worked diligently for nearly 20 years before finally passing on November 14, 1939.

That means Bluey lived to be almost thirty years old! For context, most dog live on an average of 10 years, which certain breeds living for as little as eight years and at most fifteen years.

There are reports that another Australian Cattle Dog mix, Chilla, lived to be thirty-two years old, but these reports are unverified. However, Bluet and Chilla prompted a study on the longevity of Australian cattle dogs to find that the breed typically lives to 13.41 years of age with a standard deviation of 2.36 years. While this study shows that the breed tends to live on the longer end of an average dog’s lifespan, Bluey’s longevity is definitely abnormal!

Who Is the Current Oldest Dog On The Earth?

This past May, The Guiness World Records acknowledged Pebbles, a twenty-two year old Toy Fox Terrier as the oldest dog that is currently still living.

Pebbles was born on March 28, 2000 and was adopted by the Gregory family, who lives in South Carolina. While Pebbles is no cattle dog, she has lived a long life and accomplished life. According to her owners, she has birthed a total of 24 puppies in her lifetime.

Despite her age, the Gregory family reports that she is still in great health. They credit her longevity with giving Pebbles plenty of love, attention, and food.

How Can My Dog Live A Long Life?

There is no one correct answer for how to ensure your dog lives well-beyond the average age of a dog. But there are a lot of small things you can do to make sure the life your dog lives is a happy and healthy one:

  • Feed your dog a healthy diet. We recommend consulting with your veterinarian for pet food brands and daily nutritional intake recommendations.
  • Get plenty of exercise. No matter your dog’s breed or energy level, they still need to get a sufficient amount of daily exercise. Make sure you take some time every day to take them on a nice walk or play a few rounds of catch with them.
  • Keep up their mental health. Your dog’s emotional well being matters more than you realize. To minimize stress, make sure all of your dog’s needs are met. One area a dog’s owner may accidentally neglect is the amount of stress caused by a dog feeling bored. You can alleviate boredom by making sure you dog as plenty of things to do while they’re left at home (such as a toy to play with or a pet door to give them access outside).
  • Have regular veterinary check-ups. If there are ever any health complications with your dog, you want to make sure you catch them early enough to be treated. This is why it’s vital that you take your dog to regular veterinary appointments and do exactly what your veterinarian recommends to maintain your dog’s health.

Not every dog will get the honor of being the oldest dog alive on the planet earth, but there are always ways to make sure your dog not only gets as much time as they can get and that the time they have is full of love.

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