What is in a Starbucks Puppucino?


There are plenty of adorable videos of dogs devouring Puppucinos in a matter of seconds. Puppucinos are on Starbucks' secret menu (the only dog-friendly treat they serve). Ever wondered what’s in a Starbucks Puppucino?

Puppucinos are just espresso cups filled with some whipped cream. So they’re mostly just heavy cream, vanilla, and lots of sugar. While this is safe for your dog in small amounts, make sure it’s just an occasional treat!

Whipped cream is generally safe for dogs so long as your dog isn’t allergic to any of the ingredients, they should be able to enjoy this sweet treat every once in a while. Look out for any signs of dairy intolerance, like vomiting or diarrhea. Here’s how to clean your dog’s teeth at home after they've enjoyed their sweet treat.

Although Puppucinos don’t have any caffeine, they allow you and your dog to have a coffee outing together. Your dog will surely thank you for the sweet treat that they can enjoy while you sip your Starbucks

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