Can Dogs Eat Watermelon?


With summer in full swing, lots of us are snacking on delicious watermelon to cool off. You may have noticed your dog looking longingly at the sweet treat and wondered if you can share with them.

dog outside front door

Watermelon is safe for dogs with a few important precautions. First, the seeds can cause digestive upset or intestinal blockages. It’s best to remove them before giving your dog a bite. It’s also important to remove the rind, which can also can gastrointestinal upset.

Feed your dog watermelon in small, bite-size chunks. To help your dog beat the heat, you can also puree watermelon (with the seeds and rind removed) then pour it into an ice tray and and freeze it. This makes for a healthy cold treat you can give your dog on a warm day.

For additional vitamins and minerals, try adding some banana for your dog into the puree for a frozen watermelon banana treat. Always consult your veterinarian before adding new fruits to your dog’s diet.

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