How to Install a Pet Door in a Wall


A wall mount pet door is an excellent choice for versatility and insulation value with a classic pet door look. While not everyone has a door, window, or slider available for a pet door, a wall is a great place to install a pet door.

While a wall pet door is an excellent choice for your dog or cat, installation takes a certain level of skill to avoid damaging any wires or pipes. Generally, professional help is recommended for installing a pet door through a wall. However, if you’re fairly handy and up for a DIY project, we’re here to help walk you through how to install a Dragon Pet Door for Walls.

dog using an in the wall pet door double flap.

Install a Doggie Door in a Wall

Required Tools:

  • 5/16” or 3/8” masonry drill bit longer than your wall thickness
  • Hammer drill
  • Impact driver
  • Level
  • Jigsaw
  • Circular Saw
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Pencil

Necessary Skills:

  • Locating studs inside of your wall
  • Cutting standard lumber to length
  • Cutting level and precise openings through your interior and exterior walls
  • Using and covering up drywall and masonry screws

Installation Process:

Step One: Make the Rough Cutout.

The first step when installing a pet door in a wall is making the rough cutout of the pet door in your wall. For this step, it is crucial that you check for studs, wires, and pipes beforehand to avoid damaging the interior of your wall. If you are not comfortable with this, professional help is required.

To make the rough cut, you will need to use the provided template to cut to the size of the pet door using a drill. Level, and jigsaw. Before cutting the entire hole, make a small test square to look into the wall for anything that might get in the way.

Step Two: Prepare the Pet Door.

Once the rough cutout is made, it’s time to prepare the Dragon Pet Door. In this step, you will cut the tunnel sections to length and fit them into the frames. Once the pieces are cut to the length of your wall, you’ll test fit the frames to make sure everything fits before installing the pet door.

Step Three: Install the Pet Door.

The final step is to install the wall mount pet door. To install a Dragon Pet Door through your wall, you will need to cut installation lumber to frame out the interior of your wall. Once the installation lumber is secured in the wall, you’ll install the Dragon Pet Door, filling any gaps with the silicone sealant of your choice.

Installing a Pet Door through an Uneven Wall:

If you have an uneven wall surface such as a brick wall, you can still install a Dragon Wall Pet Door. However, there will likely be some gapping between recessed portions of the wall and the pet door frame. You will need to fill these gaps with caulking or weatherstripping to prevent water from seeping in and damaging the interior of your wall.

Once the pet door is installed in your wall, the flap can be locked using the provided locking cover. Before purchasing a pet door, make sure to measure your pet to ensure the proper fit. Choosing the right size door for your dog is essential to ensure they can comfortably use the pet door for their entire life.

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