Dragon Pet Door for Walls - Replacement Flap Instructions

Installation Instructions

Installation icon Difficulty Easy
Installation icon Steps 05
Installation icon Time Required 0.5 Hours
Installation icon Sections 02
Installation icon Flags 01


  • 1 Dragon Main Inner Flap - flexible, rectangular piece with the Dragon logo
  • 1 Dragon “U” Outer Flap - narrower flexible piece shaped like the letter “U”
  • 5 thread-Forming Screws - ½” long screws
  • 4 Frame Strike Plates - ½” x 1 ¾” steel plates with adhesive backing


  • None

Replacing the Flap

Step 1 Remove Screws

  • Remove the two screws holding in the U-shaped outer flap from the frame with a Phillips-head screwdriver.
  • If the screw head gets damaged, you can replace it with a new screw from the kit later.

Step 2 Remove Flap

  • Remove the old U-shaped flap, then remove the three screws holding the main inner flap.
  • Discard any damaged screws as necessary.

Step 3 Remove Magnets

  • Separate the magnets from your old flaps.
  • Unfortunately, the magnets must be sent to the trash, but your old flaps are recyclable.
  • Contact your local waste management and ask if they can recycle polyolefin elastomers or flexible polyethylene.


  • Install the main inner flap onto the frame with the three center screws. The logo should face you, away from the frame.
  • Take care not to overtighten; tighten just enough for the screw, flap, and frame to all be flush with each other.
  • The flap material will start to deform when overtightening begins.

Step 2 U-Shaped Flap

  • Install the U-shaped outer flap onto the frame with the two remaining screws.
  • The magnets should face towards the main flap and the frame.
  • The corners of the breakaway channel around the screw will bend outwards when overtightening begins.
  • Installation complete! If the flaps don't sit quite right off the bat, you can try massaging them into place.