Dragon Additional Flap Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

Installation icon Difficulty Easy
Installation icon Steps 05
Installation icon Time Required 0.5 Hours
Installation icon Sections 02
Installation icon Flags 02


  • 1 Main Inner Flap - Interior piece with the Dragon logo
  • 1 Outer Flap - Exterior piece shaped like the letter “U”
  • 5 Thread-Forming Screws - ½” long screws
  • 4 Frame Strike Plates - ½” x 1 ¾” steel plates with adhesive backing


  • Phillips Head Screwdriver

Installing an Additional Flap

Step 1 Adhere the First Strike Plate

  • Remove the paper liner from one of the frame strike plates.
  • Careful, the adhesive is very difficult to remove once it sticks somewhere.
  • Locate one of the four rectangular recesses in the empty frame where the strike plate will go.
  • You will want to to place the plate in the center of the recess lengthwise, and towards the frame opening short-wise.

Step 3 Adhere the Remaining Strike Plates

  • Press only one end of the strike plate down with your other hand, ensuring it stays straight.
  • Run your finger across it, applying pressure, to ensure it has a good hold.
  • Repeat for the other three strike plates.

Step 4 Install the Main Inner Flap

  • Install the main inner flap onto the frame with the three center screws. The logo should face you, away from the frame.
  • Take care not to overtighten. Tighten just enough for the screw, the flap, and the frame to all be flush with each other.
  • The flap material will start to deform when overtightening begins.

Step 5 Install the Outer U-Shaped Flap

  • Install the U-shaped outer flap onto the frame with the two remaining screws.
  • The magnets should face towards the main flap and the frame.
  • The corners of the breakaway channel around the screw will bend outwards when overtightening begins.
  • If the flaps don't sit quite right, you can try massaging them into place.